Triples Alley

Presented by American Bach Soloists

American Bach Soloists Festivl

Jeffrey Thomas will conduct the Festival Opening Concert featuring an assembly of many of ABS's brightest star performers in this concert named after the location in the Giants Ballpark that leads to triple-base hits! Three concertos for three violins by three composers—Bach, Telemann, and Vivaldi—will feature violinists YuEun Gemma KimTatiana ChulochnikovaTomà IlievCynthia Keiko BlackElizabeth BlumenstockJacob Ashworth, and David Wilson

This program's focus on teamwork and collaboration continues with additional works for 3 violins, extending back to the 17th-century genius of Marco Uccellini and Giovanni Battista Buonamente then forward again to Pachelbel's time-honored and perennial favorite Canon & Gigue.

The Concerto Grosso was one of the primary and most often employed musical formats during the Baroque era, much the same as the symphony became identified with the Classical era. Handel brought a unique richness of color to his concerti grossi, and the work performed on this program is one of his most imaginative and exquisite examples of the genre. 

The pinnacle hit in baseball is a grand slam, so our musical representation of that is found in Vivaldi's exciting Concerto for 4 Violins!

City: San Francisco
Price Range:
$25 to $150

Program Items

Antonio Vivaldi Concerto in F Major for 3 Violins
George Frideric Handel Concerto Grosso in G Minor
Georg Philipp Telemann Concerto in F Major for 3 Violins
Marco Uccellini Sinfonia Nona a tre violini
Giovanni Battista Buonamente Sonata a tre violini
Johann Pachelbel Canon & Gigue in D Major
Antonio Vivaldi Concerto in B Minor for 4 Violins
Johann Sebastian Bach Concerto in D Major for 3 Violins


American Bach Soloists orchestra
Jeffrey Thomas conductor

Herbst Theatre

Herbst Theatre

401 Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94102
United States