Eco Ensemble and David Milnes

Presented by Cal Performances

Eco Ensemble performs Saturday, February 4, 2023 in Hertz Hall (credit: Courtesy of Eco Ensemble)

Eco Ensemble, UC Berkeley’s ensemble-in-residence, specializes in nuanced performances of music by living composers. Under the direction of new-music champion and faculty member David Milnes, this season the group showcases works by a selection of music department composers as well as Toshio Hosokawa, the 2023 distinguished Bloch Lecturer. The works on the program take their inspiration from a wide range of influences that include Beat poet William S. Burroughs (Ueno) and Filipino modernist José Garcia Villa (Regucera), as well as traditional Japanese art forms such as calligraphy and gagaku (Hosokawa). The concert also features the world premiere of a new composition by UC Berkeley professor Edmund Campion, director of the Center for New Music and Audio Technologies.

City: Berkeley
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Program Items

Ken Ueno blood blossoms
Edmund Campion The Velvet Algorithm (World premiere)
Amadeus Julian Regucera Amadeus Julian Regucera
Toshio Hosokawa Voyage V (US premiere)


David Milnes Director

Hertz Hall, UC Berkeley Campus

Hertz Hall, UC Berkeley Campus

101 Cross-Sproul Path
Berkeley, CA 94704
United States