NAC Concert | New Music by Minority Composers and Performers

Presented by Center for New Music

This concert will be streamed live on the Center for New Music YouTube channel.

New Arts Collaboration is running a fundraising campaign to support the World Premiere Piano Concert with Multimedia happening on November 7th, please consider making a donation directly to the project:


A concert featuring works by living composers, instrumentalists and artists from minorities including woman artists and BIPOC artists, followed by an open discussion via Zoom with artist panelists and guests. Pianist Eunmi Ko, Ting Luo and a few other wonderful musicians, including Kathleen Supove (pianist), Vicky Chow (pianist), Nicholas Phillips (pianist), Chia Jui (Erhu), Wioleta Kaminska (multimedia) and a few others, will be showcasing works at the event, highlighting the theme of new music by minority composers and performers. The event will feature pieces by Emily Koh, Chen Yi, Li Yuan-Qing, Jean Ahn, Reena Esmail and so on. NAC will premiere two pieces from FOOTSTEPS by Jean Ahn, with multimedia works by video artist Jo Ho. Other premiere pieces include Lost in.., sound and music by Ting Luo, visuals by Marco Pinter, and Repression, improvisational piano duo by Ting Luo and Gloria Damijan.


This concert will be followed by an open Zoom discussion featuring performers and composers, including Chen Yi and Emily Koh attending the discussion. Audiences are more than welcome to join and speak about what they concern about, which may be relevant to new music, living composers, interdisciplinary arts, and artists from minorities.

The event is hosted by New Arts Collaboration, co-hosted by the Contemporary Art Music Project, and Network for New Music. The funds collected in this event will be contributed to supporting the world premiere of NAC Piano and Multimedia Concert happening on November 7th, 2021 at Old First Concert.

Price Range:
FREE! Donations suggested with all proceeds benefiting The World Premiere of New Arts Collaboration


Ting Luo pianist
Eunmi Ko pianist