Reception: Sound Pieces by Norman Tuck | Window Gallery

Presented by Center for New Music

Norman Tuck will be discussing his work with Window Gallery curator Bart Hopkin. Richard Marriot will also demonstrate Norman’s Rod Guitar.

About Sound Pieces

Sound is created by vibration. In the works chosen for exhibition at the Center for New Music listening as the various pieces vibrate is as intriguing as watching the source of the vibration.

Experimentation is the basis of my creative process. Occasionally I’ll notice an obscure phenomenon; a pattern that appears when a rod vibrates, the sound of a stepper motor. Curiosity may motivate me to construct an apparatus to explore what I have noticed. If all goes well the apparatus becomes a prototype to be developed until I decide that I can go no further. Then, I’ll either discard what I have made; or give it a name, take its picture, and preserve it in a wooden crate.

The years that I have spent working with my hands have enabled me to work confidently with wood and metal. However, I have no great gift for craftsmanship. Rather, I have been blessed with an ability to create objects that perform in a manner that entertains a viewer for more than a brief moment in time.

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