Rose Hegele & Sarah Cahill

Presented by Center for New Music

Soprano Rose Hegele and Pianist Sarah Cahill present a double bill of contemporary solo piano and solo vocal music.

Lauded for her “spacey singing that allowed for a lift-off” (Boston Musical Intelligencer), soprano Rose Hegele presents “I Awake & I Am”: a short recital of works for solo voice and voice and electronics. The program journeys from the outer world to the inner world: revering the divine in nature, growing one’s wings through challenges, and taking flight in the midst of beauty and impermanence.

Sarah Cahill performs music that she's commissioned over the years, including Regina Harris Baiocchi's Piano Poems (2020), Aida Shirazi's Albumblatt (2017), Mary Watkins' Summer Days (2020), and Theresa Wong's She Dances Naked Under Palm Trees (2019).

City: San Francisco
Price Range:
$15 General $10 Members & Students


Rose Hegele soprano
Sarah Cahill piano

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Center for New Music

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