Detour Dance x tinypistol present: beloved comet falling up

Presented by detour dance

September 29-October 1, 8pm


A triptych of duets choreographed by Maurya Kerr and Eric Garcia. The work is a study on duality, a creative provocation on harmony and dissonance, minimalism & maximalism, quietude & clamor, dance & dance-theater, the quotidian & drag. Kerr and Garcia relate deeply to what the poet Anna Leahy describes as the adjacent possible, as they explore the tension of connectivity and collision.


The first duet, spearheaded by Kerr, will be a revised version of her 2017 work, "my beloved comet" - the conceptual scaffolding of the evening (featuring Alex Carrington and Chelsea Reichert). The second duet is the middle ground, a collaboration between Kerr and Garcia, and the start of the transformation, the cooperation and discord, the bleeding of their two extremes (featuring Sydney Franz/Les B. Frank and Alexander Diaz). The final duet, in an overtly queer and drag aesthetic, will be Garcia's choreographic response/reaction (featuring Melissa Lewis/Deuce Lee and Gabriele Christian/Eartha).


$15-$30 sliding scale.

City: San Francisco
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ODC Theater

ODC Theater

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