Luigi's Italian Feast & Concert, a Gold Coast fundraiser

Presented by Gold Coast Chamber Players

Cellist and Chef, Luigi Piovano

Luigi Piovano stars as cellist and chef in this uniquely Italian fundraiser for the Gold Coast Chamber Players.

Set in a beautiful Lafayette home, this intimate evening includes a serenade of heartwarming Italian music and a menu featuring Rustichella d’Abruzzo pasta, Il Cappero Cru Orrico olive oil, and Podernuovo a Palazzone wines imported from Italy, especially for this event. Every course will be prepared by Luigi himself!  

Enjoy the rare privilege to not only see, but also hear, a 330-year-old Italian cello on loan from the Micheli Foundation. Luigi will bring his magnificent cello by Francesco Ruggeri all the way from Rome for Gold Coasters to enjoy! Read more about the cello here.

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Luigi Piovano Cellist and Chef