Just Jazz Live Concert Series at Mr Musichead Gallery 2nd Anniversary Online Festival

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The Just Jazz Live Concert Series at Mr Musichead Gallery second anniversary special will feature highlights from its first two years, an at-home performance and special guest appearances, hosted by LeRoy Downs, L.A.-based jazz radio host. In response to the coronavirus crisis, the festival has been moved online and will stream live on Saturday, May 23 at 2 p.m. PT on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch and on JustJazz.TV and JustJazzTV.net websites and will be available on-demand.

The program opens with a snippet from the first concert with Walter Smith III that launched the series on Wednesday, May 23, 2018. The special will feature intimate and exclusive performances recorded live at Mr Musichead Gallery in Hollywood by artists including pianist Orrin Evans, bassist Edwin Livingston, pianist Tony Tixier, and vocalists Dwight Trible and Shana Tucker, with a special at-home duo performance by keyboardist John Beasley and saxophonist Justin Robinson.

Special guest appearances include Mr Musichead Gallery owner Sam Milgrom, jazz radio legend Rhonda Hamilton Carvin, former NBA star Craig Smith and renowned musicians Teodross Avery, David Binney, Lynn Cardona, Isaiah Collier, Theo Croker, Nathan East, Jean Michel Pilc, Sarah Reich and Dan Rosenboom.

The event is sponsored by Mr Musichead Gallery, All Music Television, Gretsch Drums, Kawai Pianos and Refinery Creative.

City: Los Angeles
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Program Items

Cosmic Vibrations featuring Dwight Trible "Stay Strong Everybody" https://youtu.be/7touVY27mDk


John Beasley & Justin Robinson Special at-home duo performance
Orrin Evans piano
Edwin Livingston bass
Tony Tixier piano
Dwight Trible vocals
Shana Tucker vocals

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