Songs of Dionysus a World Premiere for Two Horns and Electronics

Presented by Medius Terra Horn Duo

Medius Terra Horn Duo with composer, Aida Shirazi

Songs of Dionysus, for Two Horns and Electronics, a world premiere by Aida Shirazi, will be performed by InterMusic SF grant recipient, Medius Terra Horn Duo on September 19, 2021 at Central Stage in Richmond. Other works include: 

"Appel interstellaire" by Olivier Messiaen; "Kaddish" by Lev Kogan; "Idiom" by Elizabeth Raum, and trios by Anton Reicha with specIal guest artist Cynthia Hanson, bassoon.

In “Songs of Dionysus,” MediusTerra will collaborate with Iranian CA-based composer Aida Shirazi to journey to new landscapes in search of unexplored nuances in Iranian classical music juxtaposed with French Horns and modern electronica. The sorna, also known as the Persian "banquet flute," has traditionally represented Dionysus - the God of Ecstasy, Wine, and Feasts. Multi-phonics, microtones, bisbigliandi and drone sounds on the French horn are among the techniques that either correspond or resemble the sounds of sorna. Combined with the developed structure of the horn and electronics, “Songs of Dionysus” will reach beyond the potentials of the sorna and create a new sonic world full of rich musical colors and shapes.

“Songs of Dionyus” will take the performers and audience to a world of beautiful colors and sonorities suggestive of the days of ancient Greek mythology, but united with our modern world.

MediusTerra vigorously seeks the ultimate possibilities of the horn with the goal of transcending its capabilities, both in performance and repertoire. By collaborating with composers of diverse communities and cultures, MediusTerra opens the language of varied world and local traditions. Constantly in search of new works for this instrumentation, we seek to expand the limited repertoire for two French horns.

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Program Items

Aida Shirazi Songs of Dionysus for Two Horns and Electronics
Olivier Messiaen Appel Interstellaire for Solo Horn
Anton Reicha Six Trios for Two Horns and Bassoon
Lev Kogan Kaddish for Solo Horn


Janis Lieberman Horn
Heidi Trefethen Horn
Cynthia Hanson Bassoon