'POETIC MOVE' - Piano Premiere Concert with Multimedia, New Arts Collaboration 2021 featuring visual/multimedia works with new piano music by living composers

Presented by New Arts Collaboration

'POETIC MOVE' - Piano Premiere Concert with Multimedia, New Arts Collaboration 2021

A World Premiere Piano Concert with Multimedia. 

Pianist Ting Luo gives the World Premieres of a series of works for solo piano and immersive visuals by living composers in Bay Area and beyond, including Danny Clay, Chatori Shimizu, and Jean Ahn, in collaboration with visual artists including Charles Woodman and Jo Ho.

‘’External and internal spaces began to blend, allowing dreams, memories, and fragments to be unearthed and brought into the light. ‘’ - Nicki Davis (NAC Visual Collaborator)

The project relates to the aesthetics of space and the sound living in the space, with the use of extended piano technique, tape, and electronics, representative works including How Deep is the Valley, Hypothesis, and Cornkind. Artists explore the ongoing and continuous states and changes in everyday life and discover one's awareness towards self-realization, imagination, and responses towards the surrounding, representative works including Around, LE NUOVE FORME and Six Threads. The program seeks to speak for the past and current in the contexts of culture, language, and history, representative works including WORDS, FOOTSTEPS, and Mu Absence. 

The entire program is formed organically and freely from each individual artist's inspiration and aesthetics. 


City: San Francisco
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Program Items

Christopher Cerrone Cornkind for piano and tape (transcription in 2021)
Composer: Julie Barwick Visual Artist: Nicki Davis Around for piano and audio playback (2020)
Danny Clay Six Threads for piano and multimedia (2021)
Composer Brett Austin Eastman Visual Artist Joshua Curry How Deep is the Valley for piano and interactive electronics (2021)
Composer Belinda Reynolds Visual Artist Charles Woodman WORDS for piano and multimedia(2021)
Composer Valerio Sannicandro Visual Artist Wioleta Kaminska LE NUOVE FORME(2000) for piano and multimedia(2021)
Chatori Shimizu Mu Absence(2020) for solo piano and multimedia (2021)
Composer Ting Luo Visual Artist Loraine Wible Hypothesis for piano and multimedia (2021)


Ting Luo Pianist/Director

Old First Church

Old First Church

1751 Sacramento Street
San Francisco, CA 94109
United States