Historical Dance at Play: welcome Home II

Presented by The New York Baroque Dance Company

Collage of colorful images of dancers from different eras Baroque, 19th century, with text that says Historical Dance at Play: Welcome Home II

Twelve sessions of groundbreaking discoveries and dance classes by leaders in the field of dance research and dance making will bring us together around our shared love of historical dance. Say hello to old and new faces, and learn from this exciting and diverse group of scholars.

Faculty includes: Bruno Benne, Deda Cristina Colonna, Caroline Copeland, Sarah Edgar, Edmund Fairfax, Marcea Daiter, Thomas F. DeFrantz, Loris Beckles, Millicent Hodson, Alan Jones, Catherine Turocy, Ana Yepes with Ramon Martinez and Jeanette Acosta and guest artist G-Nerd.

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Ana Yepes, Jeanette & Ramon Martinez Dancing & fencing discourse
G-Nerd, aka Terrance Smith Jookin' dance class
Sarah Edgar Staging L'Amant anonyme by Chevalier de Saint-Georges
Bruno Benne Contemporary Baroque dance class
Deda Cristina Colonna Grossatesta Manuscript lecture
Catherine Turocy Choreographing in the Baroque style dance class
Alan Jones Despréaux's notation dance class
Caroline Copeland Pedagogy (lecture-demo)
Edmund Fairfax The Comic style of 18th century ballet (lecture)
Talitha MacKenzie Nathaniel Gow Quadrilles (lecture)
Millicent Hodson Ballet Suedois (lecture)
Marcea Daiter, Thomas DeFrantz, Loris A. Beckles Panel on using the past to look to the future
Jennifer A Meller