Poetic Move: Ting Luo

Presented by Old First Concerts

a portrait of pianist Ting Luo

While the traditional concert piano repertoires have developed for hundreds of years, the new piano music and interdisciplinary piano works are missing from the mainstream. The vision of the project is to present new and experimental piano works with extended technique and multimedia. As the piano acts as the main container for holding everything together, from various other perspectives, the sound and the visual, serve as a solid extension for expressions. Both sound and visual are valued as separate objects as well as be appreciated as a whole. Each discipline presents its unique voice.

The project relates to the aesthetics of space and the sound living in the space, with the use of extended piano technique, tape, and electronics, representative works including How Deep is the Valley, Hypothesis, and Cornkind. Artists explore the ongoing and continuous states and changes in everyday life and discover one's awareness towards self-realization, imagination, and responses towards the surrounding, representative works including Around, LE NUOVE FORME and Six Threads. The program seeks to speak for the past and current in the contexts of culture, language, and history, representative works including WORDS, Footsteps, and Mu Absence. The entire program is formed organically and freely from each individual artist's inspiration and aesthetics.

Ting Luo, pianist and director of New Arts Collaboration, based in Bay Area, California. She has performed and lectured in prestigious venues in China and U.S., advocating contemporary music. Ting Luo has curated a multimedia music and art project NAC since 2020. She actively collaborates with artists from multiple disciplines including visual artists, composers, and sound artists. Works by NAC have been featured in The San Luis Obispo Museum of Art’s Digital Shorts Film Festival, Fresh Inc Festival and New Music Gathering Conference/Festival.

New Arts Collaboration is an interdisciplinary art project for sound and multimedia. NAC connects with artists from multi-disciplined fields, forming a strong bond for artists to collaborate with each other, including living composers, sound artists, visual artists and so on. In our vision, sound as a human expression could be formed and interacted freely and experimentally with other mediums including electronics, tape, visuals, music, etc. NAC is curated by pianist Ting Luo in 2020, highlighting the project's on-going premiere for piano and multimedia/extended piano technique. *New Arts Collaboration is a fiscally-sponsored affiliate of InterMusic SF, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to small ensemble music in the San Francisco Bay Area.

NAC Fundraiser for supporting living composers and interdisciplinary art: https://newartscollaboration.org/fundraiser

More info: https://newartscollaboration.org/

City: San Francisco
Price Range:
$25 in-person / livestream by donation

Program Items

Christopher Cerrone Cornkind for piano and tape
Julie Barwick Around for piano and audio playback
Danny Clay Six Threads for piano and multimedia
Brett Austin Eastman & visual artist Joshua Curry How Deep is the Valley for piano and interactive electronics
Belinda Reynolds with visual artist Charles Woodman WORDS for piano and multimedia
Valerio Sannicandro with visual artist Wioleta Kaminska LE NUOVE FORME for piano and multimedia
Chatori Shimizu Mu Absence for piano and multimedia
Ting Luo with visual artist Loraine Wible Hypothesis for piano and multimedia
Jean Ahn Footsteps for solo piano and multimedia


Ting Luo piano

Old First Presbyterian Church

Old First Presbyterian Church

1751 Sacramento Street
San Francisco, CA 94109
United States