Dark Days: Karl Larson Plays Scott Wollschleger

Presented by Roulette

Pianist Karl Larson makes his solo debut at Brooklyn’s Roulette in a free, live streamed concert celebrating the release of Dark Days, a new album of solo piano music by composer Scott Wollschleger out April 23 on New Focus Recordings. 

The program will echo the album’s experiential journey, a compilation of 10 of Wollschleger’s deeply personal works composed between 2007-2020, tracing the evolution of Wollschleger’s synesthetic compositional style. Larson, Wollschleger’s close friend and frequent collaborator, will give listeners a glimpse into the intimate depths of the composer’s working process and the utilization of his rare synesthesia through the tactile use of the piano. Described by Pitchfork as “marvelous” and “powerful,” Karl Larson is a specialist in the music of our time and is uniquely suited to perform these works thanks to a deep understanding of Wollschleger’s musical language.

Scott Wollschleger – Dark Days (2017)
Scott Wollschleger – Tiny Oblivion (2016)
Scott Wollschleger – Music without Metaphor (2013)
Scott Wollschleger – Blue Inscription (2010)
Scott Wollschleger – Lyric Fragment (2019)
Scott Wollschleger – Brontal No. 2 “Holiday” (2008)
Scott Wollschleger – Brontal No. 6 (2013)
Scott Wollschleger – Brontal No. 11 “I-80” (2020)
Scott Wollschleger – Secret Machine No. 4 (2007)
Scott Wollschleger – Secret Machine No. 6 (2012)
     Karl Larson, piano

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