Adam Gilbert: Musical Craft and Symbol (A Four-Part Series)

Presented by San Francisco Early Music Society

San Francisco Early Music Society Presents: Musical Craft and Symbol

Four sessions on how composers from the middle ages through the Renaissance used the compositional tools of their kit, the cards from their playing deck, and everything including ye olde kitchen sink to conceal everything from secret messages to sublime sacred images. 

1. The Four Levels of Interpretation in Medieval Motets from Montpellier to Machaut (1 of 4)

2. Per speculum in aenigmate: Through a Glass Darkly with Johannes Ockeghem, on his 600th Anniversary Year (we think!) (2 of 4)

3. Dirty Songs for the Lord: 15th-Century Love Songs and Sacred Masses (3 of 4)

4. "Petrarchan Paradoxes in Italian Madrigals", or "Just How Much gravità can You Put in Your piacevolezza? (4 of 4)


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