22nd Annual San Francisco Electronic Music Festival

Presented by San Francisco Electronic Music Festival

22nd Annual SF Electronic Music Festival

In a coproduction with The Lab and with the support of the Italian Cultural Institute, The San Francisco Electronic Music Festival presents three nights of live electronic performances featuring a diverse cadre of internationally renowned and emerging creators. This year's lineup highlights local musicians as well as headliners from afar. The work ranges from operatic landscapes, ecosystems of noise, and new visions of dub to the space between instrument and art. The festival opens Friday, September 15th, at The Lab, with Bay Area favorite Chris Brown remounting his 2001 work Branches for interactive computer and live improvisation. Percussionist William Winant and cellist Ben Davis join Brown for the performance. Friday’s concert will continue with Roziht Eve’s sonic journey through inner landscapes and conclude with artist, poet, and instrument maker Ava Koohbor, who will present Silhouette of a Tulip exploring sound as a silhouette. Saturday, September 16th, presents local experimentalist Sam Genovese as well as re:VOLT from Los Angeles. Comprising composers Jill Fraser and Peter Granader, re:VOLT, along with Shiro Fujioka and Thomas Klepper, will adapt Morton Subotnick's seminal 1971 electronic work Sidewinder. Genovese’s electronic operatic rituals cap the evening. On Sunday, September 17th, Canadian experimental composer/musician Fletcher Pratt weaves musique concrete, dub, and rhythmic elements together to create a rich, stereophonic tapestry. Next, using only the Juno 60 synthesizer and the organic linear pulsating sound of a drum kit, the Italian duo Bono / Burattini performs a dense, hypnotic collection of songs. The festival concludes with Providence-based improviser and noise artist Bonnie Jones creating ecosystems of sound that invite the listener to perceive sound as knowledge.

City: San Francisco
Price Range:
$17 to 45

Program Items

Chris Brown Branches
Sidewinder Morton Subotnick


Chris Brown performer
Roziht Eve performer
Ava Koohbor performer
Sam Genovese performer
re:VOLT performer
Fletcher Pratt performer
Bono / Burattini performer
Bonnie Jones performer

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