#30 Bach: Goldberg Variations

Presented by San Francisco International Piano Festival

#30 Bach: The Goldberg Variations

Join us in celebrating Bach’s iconic masterpiece through a uniquely curated virtual event: the complete Goldberg Variations as performed by guest artists of the #30 Bach podcast, created and hosted by pianist Lowry Yankwich. The podcast explores J.S. Bach's masterwork with leading interpreters and innovators, including Angela Hewitt, Simone Dinnerstein, Jeffrey LaDeur, Dan Tepfer, the Borromeo String Quartet, Imani Winds, HieYon Choi, and Mahan Esfahani. The complete composite performance will premiere in a curated video format with insight into the music, performers, and the creation of the podcast with Lowry Yankwich.

Over the course of 15 episodes, the podcast unpacks the music and puts it together again, ultimately arriving at a composite version of the whole work, played in segments by the various interviewees. At the same time, each episode explores a different theme evoked by the music, and its effect on the interviewees. For example, one episode touches on the idea of creativity within constraints with a former principal designer of the Apple iPhone who finds inspiration in the piece. Another delves into the legacy of Bach the improviser with Dan Tepfer, a brilliant jazz pianist who improvises over the structure of the piece. Yet another explores the piece as a source of solace, with commentary from Washington Post critic Philip Kennicott, who wrote a book about learning the piece as a way of processing his mother's death.


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J.S. Bach Goldberg Variations


Lowry Yankwich Pianist, Creator, Host