[Opera Aficionado: Interactive Lecture Series] Interview with Sheri Greenawald

Presented by San Francisco Opera

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Opera Aficionado is an exciting, new suite of programs designed for patrons who are passionate about opera. Aficionado provides an opportunity to learn more, dive deeper, and get an inside look at the world of opera.

As part of Opera Aficionado, our Interactive Lectures Series gives opera-goers around the world a front-row seat to scholarly talks, allowing attendees to dialogue with fellow opera lovers, experts, and special guests. Each month will be focused on a concept or theme relevant to all of us.

Interviewed by Dramaturg Emeritus Kip Cranna

Celebrated soprano Sheri Greenawald, recently retired after two decades as Director of the San Francisco Opera Center and Artistic Director of the Merola Opera Program, enjoyed a distinguished international operatic career. Noted for her enormous range of roles, Sheri appeared with major companies across the country and abroad (including, of course, San Francisco Opera), working with some of the world's leading conductors. In conversation with Dramaturg Emeritus Kip Cranna, Sheri will discuss highlights of her career, and give insights into the training of young singers and the science of vocal technique. Video and audio excerpts from her performances will demonstrate her artistry and versatility. Join the conversation and get Sheri's advice on how to become an opera star!

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