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Check out our new frequently asked questions. Learn what every parent should know to help get their kids engaged in music. Can’t find the topic you are looking for? Submit your own question and our education experts will answer.

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Getting Started

Baby loves Mozart, but what is the first step in the process of musical training? Parents naturally have many questions at this stage of the game, often depending on their own experiences with music.

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Teaching methods

Navigating the many philosophies of teaching out there can be tricky. You'll need information in order to make smart choices. Let our music education professionals keep you in the loop.

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Getting Proficient

A child's relationship with music will change as they grow and progress. It can be both an exciting and challenging time as new doors open, presenting new musical opportunities.

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Musical Instruments

Choosing the right instrument for your child is important. Considerations range from cost to size and more. Read up before you hit your local music store.

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The Serious Musician

Some kids are really devoted to music and show great talent. Help them find the resources they need to take it to the next level - Whether it's a career in music or simply striving to be their personal best.

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