Composer Gallery

Here are quick and easy reference guides to the all-time great composers, a roster that we're always expanding. For each composer, you'll find vital statistics (birth, death, nationality), a short biographical sketch and a few fun facts, plus a basic guide to the music and a list of weblinks and resources, plus a few of the most famous tunes and one or two videos. Whether you're heading off to a concert, writing a research paper, looking for reliable, current information, or just want to explore some cool music and video, this is the first stop on your web search.

Elgar, Sir Edward William

The leading English composer at the beginning of the 20th century, Elgar was the first one in more than a century to earn a major international reputation. He was equally successful with small, popular works and large, symphonic ones.
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20th Century

Ellington, Edward Kennedy “Duke”

The most significant and prolific composer in jazz history and one of the most famous American composers in any genre. Ellington's music helped define what jazz is and what it could be. His longer compositions are now sometimes performed by classical orchestras.
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