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Avloni Academy of Music
Avloni Academy of Music Group Classes

Avloni Academy of Music offers music lessons in Saratoga, San Jose, South De Anza Blvd., and in Lafayette, California. Currently the Academy has four locations, serving a student body of almost 350 people with a faculty of 36 teachers. The educational style of the school is based on the traditions of the Russian School of Music and implementing some principles of Suzuki, Yamaha, and the American pedagogical method. Students, whose ages range from three to over seventy, take their instructions in private or group settings. They learn at their own pace and have an option to choose an amateur or professional path. Because of the excellent level of instructions, students successfully participate in concerts, competitions, Certificate of Merit and National tests.

Group lessons include: Intro to music for young children, group piano, music theory, and chamber orchestra.

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