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Accordia Music

Accordia Music specializes in professional string music performance and entertainment for weddings, receptions, parties, and more. Our talented instrumentalists provide a range of group options to fit your needs and our extensive music collection means that you will always find the perfect song. Accordia Music puts you, our client, in the driver's seat of your event, customizing our groups to your every desire. We guarantee industry leading musical expertise and friendly customer service from the initial contact to the last note played. Run by professional musicians with 10 years of wedding and event planning experience, we can help make live music a significant and memorable part of your special day!

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Contact Email [email protected]
Contact Phone 330-501-6701
Hourly Rate* $275 - $2500
Coverage Entire San Francisco Bay Area and beyond
Group Type String Quartet, String Trio, String Duo, Soloist
Repertiore Baroque, Classical, Contemporary, Broadway, Latin, Pop/Rock
Available For Weddings, Receptions, Parties, Memorials, Private and Public Events, Birthdays, etc
Piano Required?
Take Requests? Yes
Requests may incur an additional fee.
* All rates are estimated and subject to change

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