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JetBlacq has performed in the SF bay area for many years at clubs, private parties and outdoor festivals. We enjoy intimate settings an appeal to a sophisticated listener who enjoys intricate jazz or just good old fun too! We can sing in Italian, Spanish and some French as well. Duo of vocalists front the combo and we can also provide a 20-piece orchestra for the right, larger setting giving a fuller sound. We are perfect for parties, events and corporate fundraisers. Not just a "fill-in" background band but featured entertainers too. You can hear and see us at

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Contact Email [email protected]
Contact Phone (510) 895-5611
Hourly Rate* Based upon individual gig requirements, 2 hour min
Coverage Greater SF Bay Area
Group Type Jazz combo
Repertiore Jazz, Standards, Country, Pop
Available For Corporate, Parties, Events, Outdoor Festivals, All
Piano Required? No
We provide all instruments. If you want a "live piano" sound client can provide piano and we can provide amplification.
Take Requests? Yes
Requests must be given well in advance. Can also "customize" a popular song for a particular fun event or person.
* All rates are estimated and subject to change

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