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Planning a wedding, party or other special occasion and want to add a touch of class? Check out our new directory of musicians, many of whom would be delighted to perform at your next Bay Area event.

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Celli@Berkeley CELLI@BERKELEY is a cello ensemble made up of students at UC Berkeley committed to performing newly commissioned works for cello ensemble and increasing access of music to greater audiences by playing in nontraditional performance spaces. Classical, New Music, Pop Generally $75-$100 per cellist depending on distance from Berkeley Berkeley, Oakland, San Francisco
Aiyana Contact for details.
Accordia Music String Quartet, String Trio, String Duo, Soloist Baroque, Classical, Modern $275 - $2500 Entire San Francisco Bay Area and beyond
Accordia Music String Quartet, String Trio, String Duo, Soloist Baroque, Classical, Contemporary, Broadway, Latin, Pop/Rock $275 - $2500 Entire San Francisco Bay Area and beyond
Samantha Wells, Classical Guitar Varies depending on exact location & requirements. Carmel, East Bay, San Francisco Bay Area, Wine Country.
Palo Alto Philharmonic Music Service String trio/quartet, harp/viola duo, keyboard/strings Classical, light pop, traditional Varies, depends on group size requested Peasanton to Santa Cruz, San Mateo through San Jose
Teressa "Terry" Adams String Ensembles: quartet, trio, duo and solo Classical, light-Classical and popular Two-hour minimum. $500 - $1,100 The Greater San Francisco Bay Area
SF Strings String Quartet, String Trio, Guitar and viola duo Classical, jazz, pop Will be determined East Bay, Peninsula, San Francisco, San Francisco Bay Area
Lenore Alford Solo piano, solo organ Classical $300 per ceremony Bay Area
I Trovatori Opera Classical Vocal Ensemble performing Concert Operas Opera, Oratorio, Musical Theater $300 per singer per Concert, other rates available Entire San Francisco Bay Area and beyond
Web developer ensemble Piano Duo Ragtime 75$ hr San Francisco Bay Area
California Harpists Harpists and various harp based duos Classical, Folk, Jazz and Contemporary. Varies depending on exact location & requirements. Bay Area, California, San Francisco
Ilana Blumberg Thomas, Violinist Please inquire for rates, which depend on time & location Entire San Francisco Bay Area and beyond
Piedmont East Bay Children's Choir Children's or youth choir Eclectic Negotiable East Bay, North Bay, San Francisco
Sue Bohlin $75/hr. min. Greater SF Bay Area
Some Like it Hot Gypsy Jazz Quartet (Django Reinhardt style) Gypsy Jazz and Classical Guitar Call for rates. Depends on number of musicians etc San Francisco Bay Area
Golden Gate Music String Quartet, Trio, Duo, Solo, Orchestra Pop, Rock, R & B, Classical and much more $250-$2000 Carmel, San Francisco Bay Area, San Francisco Bay Area and Wine Country
Simon Buret de Longagne Piano Accompaniment Classical Rehearsals: $45/hr; Performances: $100/hr + travel Greater Bay Area, San Francisco, San Jose
Allegra Chapman Solo piano Classical, light jazz, fusion, pop, traditional $100/hr plus travel East Bay, Marin, Napa, San Francisco, Sonoma