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Polish Artist Concert Tour (April/May 2016)

Alice Iga Apollo is a choral conductor and multi-instrumentalist graduated from Polish Music Academy. Recently, as a member of vocal ensemble won several prizes on European Choral competitions. Alice went through all three stages of music education program in Poland. She found herself as a singer-songwriter while creating a solo project called the AjEjEj Project.

The AjEjEj project is a solo acoustic performance accompanied by piano, guitar and ukulele. It is mostly created out of sweet sound and melodious lyrics but at certain moments it turns into dark stories and surrealistic tones. Apparently simple words have their deeper and multiple level meaning. The music is strongly about what was happening in her world for all those years.

Artist is invited to play a concert tour in the USA this spring. A place for performance needed 27.04-02.05.2016.
If you would like her to entertain the evening - please contact us.

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Contact Email [email protected]
Contact Phone +48517946083
Hourly Rate* 200 $/hour performance
Group Type Solo project (voice performing with looping machine, guitar, piano)
Repertiore own written music - pop style
Available For concert
Piano Required? Yes
Electric piano preferable
Take Requests?
* All rates are estimated and subject to change

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