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The Haydn Project

The Haydn Project is dedicated to performing the string quartet repertoire of Haydn and Mozart in a delightfully novel manner, with flute instead of violin on the top part. This instrumentation gives the music additional sparkle, while detracting nothing from its power or drama. Both Haydn and Mozart loved and wrote extensively for the flute, and their quartets lend themselves in an almost uncanny way to this manner of performance, while assuming a tone that differs pleasantly from the usual. We bring to this wonderful music all the skill and dedication it deserves, while savoring the unique sound the Haydn Project gives it.
This music is appropriate to any occasion--weddings, picnics, banquets, memorials, dinner parties, or anywhere an extra touch of beauty will make all the difference. It is music that is great without being stuffy or offputting, repaying close attention or providing a light, unintrusive background, as desired. It will make any good time better.

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Contact Email [email protected]
Contact Phone (510) 845-3965
Hourly Rate* $380/560/740 for 1/2/3 hours
Coverage Bay Area
Group Type String Quartet, Flute
Repertiore Classical
Available For Anything
Piano Required? No
If a piano is available and some piano music is desired, I am able and willing to play.
Take Requests? Yes
We will happily play something requested in advance if it is possible for us to do so, and I have often arranged material for events.
* All rates are estimated and subject to change

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