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Every week, our professional critics attend concerts throughout the Bay Area to let you know what went well...and occasionally what didn't. Let their insights enrich your musical experiences, and feel free to share your own views!

Chamber Orchestra/Orchestra REVIEW
 Santa Rosa Symphony  Mark O’Connor & the Santa Rosa Symphony: Americana with a Flashing Bow
January 12, 2015
The violinist's bravura playing dominated the concert, but it was Copland who triumphed, musically. More about Santa Rosa Symphony »
 Roomful of Teeth  Roomful of Teeth Closes Trinity Wall Street Festival With Bite
January 6, 2015

The New York vocal octet brought Caroline Shaw's Pulitzer-winning Partita and a set of edgy, shorter works to the Twelfth Night Festival.

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 Grace Cathedral Concerts  Branford Marsalis: Recording, Live at Grace Cathedral
December 19, 2014

Branford Marsalis as you’ve never heard him before, on solo saxophone, in a ranging program of styles, in the cavernous, holy confines of Grace Cathedral.

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Chamber Music REVIEW
 Center for New Music  Sound, Silence, Motion, Stillness: Pamela Z and Iova-Koga Dazzle
December 16, 2014

At the Center for New Music the duo display remarkable attunement and intoxicating command, drawing the audience into a state of utter wonder.

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 San Francisco Ballet  Sparkling S.F. Ballet <em>Nutcracker</em>
December 14, 2014

With a wonderful performances by principals, notably Mathilde Froustey, and a wonderful set design, The Nutcracker is a holiday delight.

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 San Francisco Choral Artists  Unforgettable Postcards From Abroad
December 14, 2014

With Artistic Director Magen Solomon as tour guide, the S.F. Choral Artists took their audiences on an unusual holiday trip around the world.

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Chamber Orchestra/Orchestra REVIEW
 San Francisco Symphony  SoundBox Debut: Sound and Space Sensation
December 14, 2014

The San Francisco Symphonyʼs new performance space made its public debut with a satisfying, wide-ranging concert, that demonstrated its possibilities.

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Chamber Music REVIEW
 Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts  Some Time for American Music With Downes and Bailey
December 13, 2014

A pianist and cellist with a natural affinity perform music from the 20th century.

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Chamber Music REVIEW
 Left Coast Chamber Ensemble  Left Coast Chamber Ensemble Explores Music for Guitar
December 12, 2014

LCCEʼs excellent guitarist, Michael Goldberg, curated a concert of world premieres and 20th-century gems.

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Chamber Music REVIEW
 'Twas the Night Before Christmas  The Romeros: Living History, Extraordinary Performance
December 11, 2014

The Romero Guitar Quartet is both living history and a contemporary phenomenon, as another brilliant concert and sold-out venue proved.

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