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Modern Classical REVIEW
 sfSoundSeries  Order and Chaos With Cellist Séverine Ballon
July 31, 2015

The cellist shows polish and musicality in new, experimental works.

More about sfSoundSeries »
Festival REVIEW
 Music@Menlo  Death Looms But Doesn’t Overwhelm Music@Menlo’s Third Schubertiade
July 30, 2015
Schubert lived a tragic life, resulting in some dour music. But the third Schubertiade in Music@Menlo summer festival proved even the darkest music can be rewarding. More about Music@Menlo »
Festival REVIEW
 Music@Menlo  Schubert@Menlo: The Mature Composer Emerges
July 29, 2015
The full genius of the composer shone in three masterworks: Arpeggione” Sonata; the “Wanderer” Fantasy; and the Octet. More about Music@Menlo »
 West Edge Opera  West Edge’s Edgy <em>Lulu</em> Entertains and Challenges
July 28, 2015
West Edge Opera’s full-out production embraced the hedonistic sexuality and the depravity of Alban Berg’s masterpiece. More about West Edge Opera »
 West Edge Opera  One Life Divided in West Edge Opera’s <em>As One</em>
July 28, 2015
The chamber opera follows the transition of a transgender person to womanhood, sung simultaneously by baritone Dan Kempson and mezzo-soprano Brenda Patterson. More about West Edge Opera »
 Merola Opera Program  Menotti’s <em>The Medium</em> Shows Power in Silence
July 27, 2015
The Merola Opera Program pairs a quiet take on Gian Carlo Menotti’s haunting short opera with a loud performance of Puccini’s Gianni Schicchi. More about Merola Opera Program »
Chamber Music REVIEW
 Music@Menlo  Pianist Wu Han’s Sonata in A Major Soars in Second Schubertiade
July 27, 2015
The event, part of Music@Menlo’s Summer Festival, wasn’t exactly like hanging out with Schubert and friends in a Viennese salon in the 1800s, but it was close. More about Music@Menlo »
Festival REVIEW
 Music@Menlo  An Exploration of Schubert at Music@Menlo’s Summer Festival
July 21, 2015
This year, the chamber music festival features performances of the music of and music that inspired the Austrian composer. More about Music@Menlo »
Festival REVIEW
 Midsummer Mozart Festival  George Cleve’s Annual Mozart Vacation
July 21, 2015
The Midsummer Mozart Festival returns for its 41st season. More about Midsummer Mozart Festival »
Festival REVIEW
 Mendocino Music Festival  The Mendocino Music Festival Kicks Off With A Little Magic
July 18, 2015
The festival’s 29th season begins with incredible performances and a few surprises. More about Mendocino Music Festival »

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