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Ilana Blumberg Thomas, Violinist

Looking for wedding ceremony music with the perfect signature touch of elegance? Imagining someone serenading a loved one with "your song" on a special evening? Need to add violin tracks to a recording without any wasted takes?
From accompanying beachfront proposals at sunset to improvising music in shopping malls to promote fancy cell phones, to providing ceremony music for San Francisco City Hall weddings to taking requests for popular songs to liven up corporate parties for Fortune 500 companies, I have the experience to deliver the quality you deserve. I am fluent in all styles, including classical, rock, and pop, and if you've heard a song on the radio, chances are, I can play it with the sweetness that only a stringed instrument can provide.

Whatever your vision, I will help you translate it into reality. I can even help with the vision if you hear distant strains of violins in your dreams, but aren't sure how to incorporate them into event planning. And if solo violin isn't enough strings to satisfy your appetite, I have a roster of skilled colleagues who are happy to join me in making sure your event is every bit as magical as you imagined. I regularly travel all over the greater San Francisco Bay Area, and can even travel further if your occasion requires.

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Contact Email [email protected]
Contact Phone 9257849611
Hourly Rate* Please inquire for rates, which depend on time & location
Coverage Entire San Francisco Bay Area and beyond
Group Type Violin soloist
Repertiore Classical,Pop,rock
Available For Weddings, parties, special events, engagements, corporate functions, open houses, glamour events
Piano Required?
Take Requests? Yes
* All rates are estimated and subject to change

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