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Manfred Werder: 20160 and 20170


Indexical Manfred Werder: 20160 and 20170

Swiss composer Manfred Werder, with musicians Teodora Stepancic, Assaf Gidron, and Mustafa Walker, will engage in performances of his ongoing works 20160 and 20170. Werder’s project gathers language in the form of quotations, found nouns, and other elements, as he transcribes fragments onto a 10cm by 22m scroll with a pocket typewriter. Werder’s work is an extraction of language from its environment, and a practice of wandering through this language as he realizes it in performance.

  • Venue: Radius Gallery
  • Date: Fri February 8, 2019 8:00pm
  • City: Santa Cruz
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Price Range: $10 students, $15 general
  • Tickets: 509-627-9491

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Manfred Werder

20160 and 20170

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