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Beautiful Chamber Masterpieces

Community Concerts at Epworth

Community Concerts at Epworth Beautiful Chamber Masterpieces

Composed in 1902-03 and first performed in Vienna in 1904, Ernő Dohnányi's Serenade in C Major for violin, viola, and cello is considered to be among the finest of the Hungarian composer's chamber works.

Dohnányi reinterprets the five-part structure of the Classical serenade, exploring the lyrical potential and the technical challenges of each instrument, along with the modernistic harmonies of the early Twentieth Century.

The program concludes with a second chamber music masterpiece, Mozart's String Quintet No. 3 in C Major (K. 515). Here, Mozart explores the possibilities created by adding a fifth voice to the string quartet, along with rhythmic and dramatic surprises that demonstrate the composer at the height of his genius.

We are pleased to welcome musicians of the San Francisco Symphony, Ballet, and Opera orchestras in performance of these great works.

Community Concerts at Epworth brings high quality concerts of diverse styles and genres to the North Berkeley area in an accessible format. The concerts are free of charge so that all can have access to great music. Donations support local organizations and special community performances.

Find more information about Season 4 on our website:

Epworth United Methodist Church
1953 Hopkins St, Berkeley, CA 94707


Ernő Dohnányi

Serenade in C Major (Op. 10)

W.A. Mozart

String Quintet No. 3 in C Major (K. 515)


Helen Kim


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