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Orphean Enchantments

American Bach Soloists

American Bach Soloists Orphean Enchantments

Ancient Greek mythology tells us that Orpheus, the legendary musician and poet whose music and singing could charm the birds, fish, and wild beasts, is said to have moved mountains, silenced rivers, and caused trees to bend so they could hear his playing upon the lyre. Named after Orpheus, these concerts present countertenor Aryeh Nussbaum Cohen in a program of deeply moving works that affect the soul from joyful compositions by Buxtehude and Hoffmann to Vivaldi’s brooding Stabat Mater, along with a stunning Bach triple concerto and the rich sonorities of Muffat’s Concerto Grosso.

Aryeh Nussbaum Cohen “possesses a remarkable gift for intimate communication … combined with a voice of velvety gentleness.” - The New York Times

Additional Dates:
Sat January 25, 2020 7:00pm
First Congregational Church - Berkeley
Sun January 26, 2020 4:00pm
Saint Mark's Lutheran Church, San Francisco
Mon January 27, 2020 7:00pm
Davis Community Church

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Stabat Mater

J. C. Bach

Lamento Ach dass ich Wassers gnug hätte


Schlage doch


Concerto in A Minor for Flute, Violin, and Harpsichord


Concerto Grosso No. 5 in G Major


Corey Jamason


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