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Concerts at the Presidio - "Elegant Images"

Interfaith Center at the Presidio

Interfaith Center at the Presidio Concerts at the Presidio -

"Elegant Images" draws from the Baroque, Romantic and Impressionist eras, bringing to the historic Presidio Chapel pianist Samantha Cho of the San Francisco Conservatory of Music for works by J.S. Bach and Claude Debussy; cellist Fiona Huang presenting works of Francois Francoeur and Peter Tchaikovsky and pianist Paul Garofalo performing works of J.S. Bach and Frederic Chopin. Free admission. Limited seating - reservations recommended (415) 447-6274. Free parking adjacent to Chapel.


J.S. Bach

Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring

Claude Debussy

Images, Book One

Francois Francoeur

Cello Sonata

Peter Tchaikovsky

Rococo Variations

Frederic Chopin

Ballade No. 3


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