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Live Tango music with Guillermo Garcia and Seth Asarnow

La Bruja Tango Berkeley

La Bruja Tango Berkeley Live Tango music with Guillermo Garcia and Seth Asarnow

Two musicians playing three instruments take you on a whirlwind ride through tango history. Guillermo Garcia (guitar) and Seth Asarnow (bandoneon, piano) are both favorites in the Bay Area tango scene, but they rarely play together as a duo. Hear them in the historic Berkeley City Club ballroom, with DJ Robert playing tunes during the breaks.

This is a milonga (tango dance party). Listeners are welcome, as well as dancers of all levels. The duo's sets begin at 7:45 and 9:15. All ages. Tickets available though Eventbrite until 6:00 pm, or with cash at the door. Discount of $5 for members of the Berkeley City Club.

A full bar and light refreshments will be offered in the ballroom, provided by Morgan's Bar & Lounge. For dinner reservations before the milonga, contact Julia's Restaurant at (510) 280-1547 or use

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Seth Asarnow

piano, bandoneon

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