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Wooden Fish Ensemble

Old First Concerts

Old First Concerts Wooden Fish Ensemble

The Wooden Fish Ensemble presents concerts of music and musicians from a variety of cultural and national backgrounds working together in a collaborative way. The ensemble has presented concerts of traditional music from Asia and new music by a diverse group of composers that includes John Cage, Christian Wolff, Frederic Rzewski, Galina Ustvolskaya, Morton Feldman, Hyo-shin Na and Walter Zimmermann. They have given numerous world premieres.

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Frederic Rzewski

Which Side Are you On?


Korean folk songs for haegeum and kayageum

Hyo-shin Na

Cloud Study (2017) World Premiere

Hyo-shin Na

The Sway of the Branch (2017) US Premiere

Hyo-shin Na

Mad Woman's Dance III (2019) US Premiere


Narae Kwon


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