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Chamber Music of Fanny Hensel

Choir of St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Burlingame

Choir of St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Burlingame Chamber Music of Fanny Hensel

Pianist Susan Jane Matthews joins with the Chamber Music Society of San Francisco in a concert of the chamber music of Fanny Hensel. Fanny Hensel (1805-1847) was a German pianist and composer of tremendous musical talent and skill like her famous younger brother, Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy. While Fanny’s works were heard in Sonntagsmusiken (Sunday musicales) at the Hensel home in Berlin, Felix’s reached international audiences. The painting here depicts Fanny’s music room in her home. You are invited to at last hear this mesmerizing music brought to light at St. Paul’s Burlingame. A reception follows.


Fanny Hensel

Piano Quartet

Fanny Hensel

Allegro molto in c for piano

Fanny Hensel

Andante cantabile for piano

Fanny Hensel

Il Saltarello Romano for piano

Fanny Hensel

Piano Trio


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