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Ars Minerva

Ars Minerva Cocktails & Chit-Chat - OPERA FROM THE MANUSCRIPT TO THE STAGE

This online series is a great opportunity for us to present some little-known composers and projects we would love to perform if we had the financial resources for a full performance season: Antonia Bembo's Ercole Amante, Chevalier Saint Georges's L'Amant Anonyme, Francesca Caccini's La Liberazione di Ruggiero are just a few example of many operas we could present to our dear audience besides our annual modern world premiere of a single long-lost opera. We are so excited to share with you these rare pieces and to engage in a conversation about these unfairly neglected composers.

Céline's Cocktail: The Pink Lady.
Join Ars Minerva's Founder and Artistic Executive Director Céline Ricci on a journey that starts with casually looking at an antique opera manuscript, and then almost magically bring the opera to the stage!
Céline stage directed Ars Minerva's modern world premieres of La Cleopatra, The Amazons in the Fortunate Isles, La Circe, Ifigenia in Aulide and Ermelinda. She will stage Messalina for Ars Minerva in 2021. Her recent staging of Freschi's Ermelinda garnered great critical praise: "Ars Minerva revives an unknown baroque opera with beauty and style", Joshua Kosman - The San Francisco Chronicle.

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Céline Ricci

Artistic Director

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