Opus 1 Music Studio - Group Classes

Opus 1 Music Studio is happy to announce our 2015 Group Music Classes in Palo Alto and Mountain View. We offer classes in Piano, Voice, Guitar, and Violin. These classes will inspire young students by developing basic music skills through interactive lessons and musical games! Classes range from 30-45 minutes. Opus 1 teachers are all university or conservatory trained musicians.

Piano Class
(age 4-5 - 30 minutes; age 6-8 - 45 minutes)

Voice Class
(age 4-6 - 30 minutes; age 7-12 - 45 minutes)

Guitar Class
(age 8-11 - 45 minutes)

Violin Class
(age 7-10 - 45 minutes)

Program Types:
Instrument Types:
Program Styles:
Age Ranges:
Age, Minimum:
Age, Maximum:
Program Cost:
$240-280 for 8-week sessions
Class Frequency:
1 per week
Class Duration:
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Group Classes