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Aleron Trio

Old First Concerts

Feb. 24

Aleron TrioThe Aleron Trio is a relatively recent creation. The three women, who met at the San Francisco Conservatory, have already played a well-received concert tour in France. They have as much professional cred as young musicians can have without winning a major international competition, and they seem to be into everything. At Old First Concerts, they’ll be starting out with Beethoven’s gorgeous “Archduke” Trio and following that up with the incredibly underrated Charles Martin — his Trio on Popular Irish Melodies. And then comes the tango-saturated music of Astor Piazzolla. If it sounds like a program out of [email protected], that’s not a mistake: Pianist Teresa Yu has been a chamber music coach there for the past several years.

Old First Concerts just continues to put on first-rate shows with fine musicians and great music. And it is so cheap to go — only 14 bucks for this concert. If you haven’t been, you are officially out of excuses.

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