Join One of the Bay Area’s Premier Chamber Choirs

Consider joining a happy, innovative, 20-voice chamber choir that excels in eclectic programming and exciting and refined performances of (mostly) a cappella repertoire.  Under the direction of Magen Solomon, San Francisco Choral Artists (SFCA) are a Bay Area chamber choir with a mission to foster new American choral music and to present eclectic, imaginative programs consisting of both new works and repertoire spanning 600 years in performances of uncompromisingly high quality.

Vocal Auditions

Kitka is currently accepting preliminary materials for our spring 2015 live auditions

Submission deadline: April 15, 2015

To apply for a live audition, please submit the following items:

1.) Statement of interest including biographical information describing your musical/performance background.

2.) Audio (MP3 files or Soundcloud links) or video recordings (YouTube or Vimeo links) of 2 contrasting pieces demonstrating your skills singing Eastern European folk songs. Ideally, recordings should be unedited, without effects or overdubbing.

Kitka Seeks Female Vocalist

Kitka is accepting audition submissions for new singers with strong, beautiful voices and engaging stage presence. We are looking for women who are adept at singing in both open/chest voice and “pure” (light vibrato) head voice styles. Familiarity with Eastern European singing and language and music-reading ability is preferred. Accurate intonation, rhythmic capability, previous performance experience and strong ensemble singing skills are essential.