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Dear SFCV Reader,

If a concert is played in an empty auditorium, does it make a sound? If a great opera production plays in a small venue and no one reports it to the wider world, does the company benefit?

Because of the wholesale trashing of arts coverage in the major news organizations, musicians of all kinds fail to attract the attention their performances deserve. Eighteen years ago, SFCV set out to rectify that, and the job has only gotten bigger as arts coverage has retreated from the pages of newspapers.

SFCV strives to make sure that the work of the music community in the Bay Area and beyond is spotlighted and discussed, passionately. Requests for coverage come from all over, and within the Bay Area, the organizations we end up having to leave out because of our budget constraints are often the smallest. We want to do more and we need your help.

If you love music, if you love arts, you must realize by now that the for-profit model of journalism is failing artists badly. Classical artists, especially. At SFCV, we have innovated a nonprofit model for arts coverage that is sustainable on a pretty restrictive budget. But that’s not enough.

Your support will help us cover more performances that deserve attention, engage broader audiences, and continue to report on the big issues that face classical music, and all music, right now.

There is simply no way to fill all of these needs without consistent support from individual donors like you. We hope that you will be able to join this campaign and continue your support, or, if you’ve never donated, then consider becoming one of our donors. The more you do, the more we can do.

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With gratitude,

The SFCV Team

Claudia Campazzo, Managing Director

Michael Zwiebach, Senior Editor

Paul Kotapish, Managing Editor


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