Two works premiered in past seasons, Daníel Bjarnason’s Violin Concerto and Anna Meredith’s Nautilus, make the program again at the Bowl.

Last chance to put in your votes for our annual best-of polls covering the Bay Area and Los Angeles.

One of the pianists making a debut, Rachel Breen, got her start in the Bay Area before bursting onto the international scene.

The organization continues to present the innovative best in chamber music, from star concerts to local debuts.

The hot-ticket concerts at Colburn are too numerous to list. Here are a couple of highlights.

We root out the best of an enormous fest that played out over three days on a dozen stages.

A long roster of great singers join together to celebrate the foundational African American musical genre.

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The lauded soprano talks about working with Dudamel and her upcoming gigs with the LA Phil.

Brazilian music has put down roots in the Bay Area, and California Brazil Camp is a major reason why.

Better pedagogy and online resources have resulted in a bounty of young virtuosos, but performance and employment opportunities haven’t kept pace.

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