The season of renewal is upon us. Here’s our annual long list of concerts that will help you recharge and prepare for the new year.

San Francisco Ballet’s enchanting production has introduced countless young children to the performing arts.

The Spanish conductor brings out the very best in the orchestra for what was anything but a routine performance.

HALIE! recounts the joys, hardships, and remarkable music that underscored the gospel singer’s career.

The Iranian American composer tries out a range of styles and effects in the pieces on this album.

After more than two years of forced isolation, performance touring is back on the calendar.

SFCV chats with the prodigious pianist and composer who’s constantly exploring new artistic interests.

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From the Archives

Michael Tilson Thomas steps down as artistic director of the New World Symphony but plans to continue conducting as long as he is able.

Glittery sets and costumes aren’t enough to save this tired production.

The eclectic singer, instrumentalist, and actor joins the SF Symphony for a diverse evening of American music.

Min tells SFCV about her anything-but-traditional approach to the pipa and her new soundtrack project with jazz guitarist Rez Abassi.