The great jazz player is remembered for his mentorship and collegiality, as well as masterful musicianship.

It’s a heavy lift, but the LA Phil does manage to swing.

San Francisco Opera’s young singers show their stuff in a performance that goes far beyond standard fare.

The classical music observations in Todd Field’s movie are vivid and layered, making it a must-see for fans.

The experimental sound artist is again returning to the Wattis Institute for the exhibition Drum Listens to Heart.

Dvořák’s masterpiece shares space with a couple of unusual works in a brilliantly played concert.

The pianist’s latest recording explores the impact of Wagner’s opera on generations of German and Austrian composers.

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From the Archives

Michael Tilson Thomas steps down as artistic director of the New World Symphony but plans to continue conducting as long as he is able.

Glittery sets and costumes aren’t enough to save this tired production.

The eclectic singer, instrumentalist, and actor joins the SF Symphony for a diverse evening of American music.

Min tells SFCV about her anything-but-traditional approach to the pipa and her new soundtrack project with jazz guitarist Rez Abassi.