San Francisco

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Paul Kotapish - November 23, 2021

West Edge Opera and Earplay name five operas-in-development to highlight the annual showcase.

Steven Winn - November 23, 2021

It’s tennis on the lawn and bespoke fashion, but a strong cast communicates the heartache behind the comedy.

Jim Farber - November 22, 2021

Laurent Pelly’s whimsical production and a stellar cast make a major hit of Rossini’s familiar opera buffa.

Nicholas Jones - November 22, 2021

Carlo Pallavicino’s forgotten opera delights the ear and the eye in this contemporary restoration.

Jason Victor Serinus - November 21, 2021

Christina Pluhar leads the early-music ensemble in a tour of 17th- and 18-century Neapolitan delights.


Richard S. Ginell - November 21, 2021

Conductor Garrett Keast and a cadre of Berlin-based musicians release a disc with American musical roots and branches.

Michael Zwiebach - November 16, 2021

Opera Parallèle’s family-friendly production is uplifting, and Marcus Shelby’s lively score is done justice by a superior cast.

Janos Gereben - November 16, 2021

The concert won’t be all memories: A premiere from composer Cava Menzies honors the outgoing chorus director.

Andrew Gilbert - November 15, 2021

With a new record out and a supple trio in tow, the red-hot pianist lights up Yoshi’s Nov. 19–20.

Victoria Looseleaf - November 15, 2021

The troupe joins Christopher Rountree and Wild Up in an exuberant program featuring Immediate Tragedy and Appalachian Spring.