San Francisco

SFCV’s writers report on topics relevant to the San Francisco area.

Steven Winn - June 18, 2024

The company’s current production of Otto Nicolai’s 1849 singspiel might have just a little too much of everything.

Lev Mamuya - June 17, 2024

Played simultaneously on a rotating turntable, the double production invites speculation on power relations and much more.

Lisa Hirsch - June 17, 2024

Lisa Mezzacappa and Beth Lisick’s The Electronic Lover captures the world of emotions that can exist in the chat room.

Tom Jacobs - June 16, 2024

Opera Parallèle stages Spears’s Fellow Travelers this month, while Santa Fe Opera is set for the world premiere of The Righteous later this summer.

Brett Campbell - June 11, 2024

Grant draws on years of musical mastery in his exploration of the ensemble that pioneered jazz-classical fusion.

Victoria Looseleaf - June 11, 2024

In the director’s latest opus, a vintage W.E.B. Du Bois story and a classic Baroque opera collide. Here’s why they go together.

Andrew Gilbert - June 11, 2024

Irene Young was instrumental in documenting an artistic moment, but her work shouldn’t be restricted to a single time or place.

Lev Mamuya - June 11, 2024

Beth Morrison Projects commissioned 14 composers to work on this operatic setting of Marie Howe’s book of poems about womanhood.

Richard S. Ginell - June 10, 2024

The sounds of wind and sea surge in Cerrone’s latest piece for the Boston-based Lorelei Ensemble.

Jim Farber - June 4, 2024

Kate Soper’s “philosophy-opera” gets an outstanding production from director James Darrah and Long Beach Opera.