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Have Travel, Will Record — for Free

August 20, 2013

Mariachi band recording in the Doug Conner Studios The new Doug Conner Music Studios ("merging analog & digital") is being finetuned for full operation and Conner is inviting artists reading SFCV to participate by making a mixed and mastered demo, for free, during a weekend in August and one in September. "The benefit is mutual, and we ask for no money," says Conner:

We need high quality acoustic instrument and vocal performers for recording experimentation, the results of which will be used on our own website to demonstrate our sound. Our goal is to accurately capture the full true sound of each instrument and deliver tracks that are mixed and mastered to industry standards.

We combine ribbon, tube, dynamic and condenser mics, connected to high-end tube preamps. We will be experimenting with mic selection, mic placement and mic/preamp combinations. Hence, each session may take longer than normal to set up, but with good performers we should be able to complete capture in a four-hour time slot.

And here's the catch, at least for some geographically disadvantaged artists:

We are located by Folsom Lake, which is a considerable drive from San Francisco. However, we do have Bay Area clients. We hope that the offer of quality recording will adequately entice musicians.

The dates for free recording sessions are Aug. 23-25 and Sept. 13-15; there are six time slots each weekend, and — lacking a website — the studio may be contacted through Conner's e-mail, [email protected]

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