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Left Coast: Changes Will Be Made

May 27, 2014

Left Coasters in Summer Reading: Jerome Simas (clarinet), Tanya Tomkins (cello), Eric Zivian (piano), Anna Presler (violin), Phyllis Kamrin (violin), and Kurt Rohde (viola) Photo by Jordan MurphyIn an unusual flurry of changes, the Left Coast Chamber Ensemble concerts, "Summer Readings," June 8-9, have undergone ... alterations:

* Robert Schumann’s Adagio and Allegro has been added (replacing Schumann’s Märchenbilder)
* Leoš Janácek’s Pohádka (A Tale) has been added (Janácek’s Kreutzer Sonata stays on the program)
* Ursula Kwong-Brown’s Sonnet XX for Solo Cello has been added
* Eric Zivian’s new piece will not be performed

Isn't it amazing how most big symphonic and opera organizations can announce programs for months or even years ahead and stick to them? Another stray thought: There were many changes for all music organizations after 9/11 because of visa delays (or denials) for artists coming from abroad. That situation seems to have quieted down, which is all to the good: musicians and terrorists rarely mix.

Steven Anthony Jones, on the right, with Carl Lumbly and Margo Hall

And then, after this season-closing concert ... there will be another concert. Beyond "Summer Readings," Left Coast sticks with literature at a free concert in Oakland's Joyce Gordon Gallery on June 20, called "Reply to a Dead Man." The acclaimed veteran actor Steven Anthony Jones joins Left Coast musicians Stacey Pelinka (flute), Andrea Plesnarski (oboe), Phyllis Kamrin (viola), Michael Goldberg (guitar) and Michael Taddei (bass).

The work, repeated from concerts in March, inspired by Walter Mosley's short story, is set for actor and musicians with music by Laurie San Martin. It tells the transformation of the main character after an unexpected visitor arrives with a letter from his departed brother.

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