Artist Spotlights

Lou Fancher - October 19, 2020

The violinist and composer made her name with powerhouse pop and hip-hop covers and playing with Beyoncé, but she has Beethoven on her mind, too.

Jeff Kaliss - October 19, 2020

The new-music godfather talks about his long career, the evolution of contemporary music, and why he’s not leaping on the livestream bandwagon.

Lisa Houston - October 12, 2020

The revered choral director reflects on a career spent cultivating young vocal talent.

Lou Fancher - October 5, 2020

With a full slate of ongoing performances and teaching gigs, the jazz violinist is keeping himself more than busy. He tells SFCV how he manages it all.

Victoria Looseleaf - September 25, 2020

The Los Angeles piano duo swept the 2020 Audience Choice Awards. Sarah Gibson and Thomas Kotcheff fill us in on their latest projects.

Lily O'Brien - September 21, 2020

With a new album out and lots of irons in the fire, the jazz violinist has plenty to talk about.

Lou Fancher - September 19, 2020

The ukulele virtuoso, who rocketed to fame via a Beatles cover 15 years ago, talks about his new album and the joys of staying home.

Janos Gereben - September 14, 2020

Mark Almond, just named associate principal horn with the SF Symphony, is on the front line of coronavirus research as a physician at UCSF.

Victoria Looseleaf - September 14, 2020

Her new album features new music from American immigrant composers from around the globe. The piano virtuoso talks about her selections and how they reflect the moment.

Lou Fancher - September 7, 2020

The Oakland-based musician chats about his new album, the link between his electronic music and Chopin, and life with the coronavirus.