Artist Spotlights

Lou Fancher - July 15, 2022

The vocalist has much to share about jazz, the human condition, politics, and the creative life. Here, she drops just a bit of her accumulated wisdom.

Tom Jacobs - July 11, 2022

The star conductor says she draws on all her training, from studying jazz to speaking six languages, when preparing a performance.

Victoria Looseleaf - July 5, 2022

The renowned cellist chats about mastering all sorts of repertoire ahead of her performances this month with Music@Menlo.

Lou Fancher - June 27, 2022

Classical singer and musicology Ph.D. Majel Connery talks about expanding her horizons and changing career paths midstream.

Victoria Looseleaf - June 16, 2022

The conductor, who’s led the orchestra for more than three decades, shares his secrets for a long-lasting musical relationship.

Tom Jacobs - June 11, 2022

At 63, the soprano has many irons in the fire, including un-retiring from the Metropolitan Opera to sing in a premiere.

Victoria Looseleaf - June 6, 2022

The former Merola Program participant is back to sing Dai Yu in Dream of the Red Chamber.

Lisa Houston - May 31, 2022

In a freewheeling chat, the singer opens up about all things opera, including his upcoming turn in the title role in SF Opera’s Don Giovanni.

Victoria Looseleaf - May 31, 2022

The dancer/choreographer talks about the American Modern Opera Company and their collective curation of this year’s Ojai Music Festival.

Victoria Looseleaf - May 23, 2022

The rising conductor talks about her approach to the art, her love of new music, and her upcoming run with SFS.