Follow ballet and the Bay Area’s many independent dance companies here.

Victoria Looseleaf - December 9, 2019

This radical retelling of the classic ballet takes birdwatching to delirious new heights.

Lou Fancher - December 6, 2019

Gravity-defying dancers celebrate the solstice in a Berkeley studio.

Andrew Gilbert - December 3, 2019

A packed evening at Fort Mason’s Cowell Theater highlights old masters and young dancers alike.

Lou Fancher - November 15, 2019

Founder Micaya talks about the bounty of styles and messages coming from around the world Nov. 22–24.

Claudia Bauer - November 5, 2019

The flamenco phenom and his ensemble lift spirits in a whirlwind of music, motion, and passion.

Lou Fancher - November 4, 2019

This dancemaker’s art is abstract but centered on ideas coming straight from the body.

Janice Berman - November 4, 2019

The St. Petersburg company is flawless, and the work is transcendent, in a showing at Cal Performances.

Lou Fancher - October 29, 2019

Hope Mohr and others celebrate the choreographer’s legacy with events at ODC.

Lou Fancher - October 28, 2019

The pioneering dance group unveils plans for a new venue and an expanded vision at its Nov. 8 concert at Herbst.

Claudia Bauer - October 27, 2019

Over 125 films exploring the wide world of dance grace festival screens Nov. 2–10.