Website Construction


In 2018 SFCV began the long process of redesigning our website. We wanted to create a beautiful experience for you, so naturally, we started by conducting an in-depth analysis of our readers. We interviewed many of you and met with focus groups. With the information we gathered, we built a detailed map of how we wanted the new site to look and function. Finally, in 2019, after securing funding, we were ready to start building the website. As with any project of this magnitude, there were unexpected delays, later magnified by the pandemic and California fires. But we persevered.

Today, we are thrilled to present the new site to you. A lot has changed, so if you are feeling a little disoriented, our video tutorial below will help you find your bearings.

We hope you will love the site and continue to support us and rely on us to stay informed about the latest musical news from the Bay Area and Los Angeles.

Watch the video to learn more about how to navigate​​​​​​