Music News

Janos Gereben - May 31, 2023

Two exhibitions, at San Francisco International Airport and the Museo Italo Americano, explore an essential cultural connection.

Janos Gereben - May 30, 2023

The long-awaited premiere of Matthew Welch’s Tomorrow’s Memories, drawn from the writings of a young Filipina immigrant, is set for June.

Tom Jacobs - May 30, 2023

The in-demand conductor is resigning from his position at the Paris Opera after just two seasons.

Victoria Looseleaf - May 26, 2023

The acclaimed New York dance company will have another West Coast home in the seasons to come.

Janos Gereben - May 23, 2023

No genre snobbery here, just good music.

Janos Gereben - May 23, 2023

Die Frau ohne Schatten had its U.S. premiere in San Francisco and is a complicated piece to bring to the stage.

Jeff Kaliss - May 22, 2023

The recording producer and collector made a giant contribution to the preservation and dissemination of many genres of music.

Janos Gereben - May 22, 2023

Live concerts and HD livestreaming on Tuesdays from Old St. Mary’s Cathedral continue into a 34th season.

Michael Zwiebach - May 16, 2023

It’s the latest accolade for an opera that continues to wow audiences and critics alike.

Richard S. Ginell - May 16, 2023

The LA Phil’s CEO will take up that position with the Boston Symphony Orchestra in the fall season.