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Janos Gereben - July 25, 2023

There’s no shortage of support for up-and-coming musicians in the Bay Area, be they tomorrow’s opera stars or future concert pianists.

Janos Gereben - July 17, 2023

The World Choir Games in Gangneung saw more than 300 ensembles from 34 countries compete for gold.

Janos Gereben - July 17, 2023

The pianist who broke barriers on national and international stages also had a close connection to the San Francisco Bay Area.

Janos Gereben, Lisa Hirsch - July 11, 2023

Contract negotiations between the orchestra and the musicians appear to be stalled.

Janos Gereben - July 4, 2023

Arts organizations were blindsided by recent cuts to their Grants for the Arts funding under a new DEI-first policy.

Janos Gereben - July 3, 2023

Peninsula International Dance Festival revs up for a packed two-day extravaganza at San Mateo Performing Arts Center.

Janos Gereben - June 27, 2023

The SF Silent Film Festival returns next month with original accompaniment and new restorations from Hollywood’s early decades.

Janos Gereben - June 27, 2023

This year’s lineup features Ukrainian ballet dancers, Gordon Getty’s Joan and the Bells, and a new symphony by Lera Auerbach.

Janos Gereben - June 20, 2023

The composer’s papers will join those of other American giants in the arts, including Leonard Bernstein, Aaron Copland, and George Gershwin.

Janos Gereben - June 20, 2023

Hugely well received, the orchestra is enjoying its itinerary in Germany, despite the rigors of traveling.