Geri Actor

Practical piano instruction geared to students musical tastes and interests. Very flexible teacher: in terms of what is taught (student's desired focus of skills) and timing (lessons to suit students practicing availability). Have taken adult students from not knowing how to read music to being able to play simple 2-handed pop pieces in 9 months (including understanding scales and chords/harmony). Only asked for 5 minutes/day ;-).

37.236333, -121.992458

Monte Sereno, CA (95030)

Full Name:
Geri Actor
Contact Phone:
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Music Styles:
Classical, Pop; Solo, Duet, Accompaniment
Instrument/Voice Types Taught:
Piano and Keyboard; Viola, Percussion
Age Ranges:
21 and up

Charles Rosen, New York (primary insturctor)-studied privately for 11 years;
began public performance at age 7 and accompanying at age 11;
performing chamber music since 1973;
keyboard musician for several groups in San Jose - San Francisco Bay Area

Years Teaching:
Lesson Rate:
$30/half hour; can be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly
Makes House Calls: